Someday you will die.

But, your legacy can live on.

Every year, another "hot" new technology appears.
Another "quick and easy" way to make a buck is formed.
Another "millionaire" publishes a book.
Every year, everything is changing--
Your friends, your family, your career, your needs.

Everyday, new problems arise...

Here are the problems I can help you with.

Data Analysis Collecting user data
Analyzing trends and opportunities
Competitive research

Product Management Technical documentation
Realistic timelines
Bug / blocker mitigation
Data-driven prioritization

User Growth Market analysis
Lead conversion analysis
Product optimization

Product Marketing Go-to-market strategies
Creativity to capture your ideal user/buyer
Copywriting almost as compelling as clickbait

Business Strategy Roadmap planning and execution
Ruthless prioritization
Cross-team KPI collaboration

Scaling Systems Scaling team processes
Implementing automated systems


Alice is hard working, creative, and exceptionally intelligent. As one of the smartest people I know, I HIGHLY recommend Alice to anyone looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate.

David Greene Investor, Realtor
Greene Investments, KW

She's willing to do whatever it takes for a title to succeed.

Kristie Fisher Games User Researcher

Alice is a thoughtful, quick and organized project manager that any game would be lucky to have on their side.

John Drake Director of Communications
Harmonix Music Systems

Alice is a detail oriented and a capable product manager.

Vishak Ashoka Senior Developer
IGN Entertainment

Email Alice

As promised in the domain name.
Simply submit / text (650)797-1007.
I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Clients & Companies

  • Marketing management
  • Product Management
  • Served Microsoft's Xbox division
  • Design / marketing team
  • Lambda School
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