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I Am

A Creative Business Blog

A Comedic Business Blog as blogs seem to be all the rage these days.

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Tokyo Life

Travel Tips for Savvy People

The latest edition to the stack. Will be updated more often after a numerous questions from fans on my YouTube channel sparked the idea.

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Showcase 2009-12

Product and Account Management Creative Business Venture Studies in Tokyo Game Event Click here for Portfolio

Alice Karsevar - Bio


Alice Karsevar is a project manager in the Game Industry by day and a serial marketer, and social media junkie by night.

She was born and raised aboard a replica of a Pirate Ship in San Francisco and eventually moved to the "boonies" of Idaho where everyone has at least one animal over 100 lbs and hunting season is an acceptable excuse for absence.

She has lived in everything except a house.. From an RV to a comedy movie sized apartment priced to kill in Tokyo.

Alice currently resides in Seattle and spends her free time crafting business ideas, eating with strangers, scraping the internet for trends, replying to work e-mails from Asia at 2am, and posting humorous commentary online at 3am.

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