Someday you will die.

But, your business doesn't have to.

Every year, another "hot" new social network appears.
Another "quick and easy" way to make a buck is formed.
Another "millionaire" publishes a book.
Everything is changing--
Your customers, your ideas, your competition, your profit.

Everyday, new problems arise...

Here are the problems I can help you with.

Startup ConsultingTurn your idea into reality.
Or, get talked out of a bad idea.
Perhaps equally as valuable.

Real Estate Investing Deal analysis, properties, and advice.
For the investor tired of annual returns less than a lemonaid stand.

Product ManagementAction plans for your business.
Tips and tricks for fellow swamped fanatics.

Social Media For the entrepreneur who is sick of it all.

User & Product Testing Make a product your customers love--
Through data-backed studies.

A New WebsiteAttract new customers, beat competition.


She's willing to do whatever it takes for a title to succeed.

Kristie Fisher Games User Researcher

Alice is a thoughtful, quick and organized project manager that any game would be lucky to have on their side.

John Drake Director of Communications
Harmonix Music Systems

Alice is a detail oriented and a capable product manager.

Vishak Ashoka Senior Developer
IGN Entertainment

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Clients & Companies

  • Marketing management
  • Product Management
  • Served Microsoft's Xbox division.
  • Creative Services
  • Owner/Founder
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